For me, poetry is like a siren raiding in matters of urgency. Poetry is a friend, a foe, a potent poison, and an intense tranquilizer alleviating my pain. Poetry is a lover who can commit an abrupt act of betrayal. I admit that poetry is a lover whom I love only for myself.

Mana Aghaee was born and raised in Bushehr, a city in Southern Iran. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden, as a teenager with her family during the Iran-Iraq war. Her late father, Shirzad Aghaee, was a renowned Iranian poet. Mana has been writing poetry since childhood. She has two published volumes of Persian poetry, "in continuation of flight" , and "if death had your lips" and will be publishing her third book of poems titled "I am my own Jesus" soon. Mana is a PhD candidate in Iranian Studies with emphasis on Persian Literature at Stockholm University, Sweden. Mana's poems have been widely published in several Iranian literary magazines both in Iran and abroad, namely: Adineh, Arash, Karnameh, Asre Panjshanbeh, Goharan, Pouyeshgaran, and Sang. She currently lives in Stockholm, with her beloved, Ashk, and is avidly pursuing her literary interests.